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Zhou Shengsheng (Chowsangsang) brand introduces
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Base oneself upon of Zhou Shengsheng brand is classical, originality is ceaseless, with vogue, abundant the figure with vigor, bring the joyance beyond a headgear for the client. The brand hopes through its headgear communicates a kind happy the feeling with happiness, bring a female perceptual and delicate life, blossom cheerful ray.

Brand-new Zhousheng gave birth to brand mark to also implement this brand concept, besides font of Chinese and English Zhou Shengsheng Chow Sang Sang, brand design still uses school to return the beautiful form of upper reaches coming back, constitute distinctive pattern, specific the power that shows a brand to carry have a youthful look on the back to be born not to cease, reveal brand advantage.

Have the Zhou Shengsheng of long history, will more than 70 years be dedicated to leading fashionable tide, uptodate sale network pervades China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, have more than 100 branches, become one of gem shopkeeper with big China the biggest area. 2005 more make DTC whole world one of 93 clients, of the achievement that representing Zhousheng to be born in production and sale diamond respect approbate.

The brand holds to " 4 hearts " acceptance, be dedicated to safeguarding consumptive rights and interests, your client " set one's mind at " ; Affirmatory and high grade kinds or types of goods, your client " gratified " ; Sincere offer comprehensive service, your client " happy " reach implement the spirit that seek kind, your client " imprint on the mind " , provide gratified and satisfactory sale service for the client.

·2006 - brand-new brand image blossoms cheerful ray

Zhou Shengsheng changes brand-new brand image to meet with the one side of abundant, vogue, vigor and consumer, bring the joyance beyond a headgear. Zhou Shengsheng hopes through its headgear communicates a kind happy the feeling with happiness, bring a female perceptual and delicate life, blossom cheerful ray.

·2005 - Hong Kong Dishinile field - small town jeweller's kicks off

Be located in Hong Kong Dishinile the small town jeweller's of ave of small town of garden United States - Zhou Shengsheng kicked off on September 10, 2005. Director of group general manager Mr Zhou Yongcheng, group holds vise general manager Mr Zhou Yuncheng, Hong Kong concurrently Dishinile CEO Mr Luo Bin deep chairs garden together simple and grand " sleep princess castle " begin ceremony.

·2002 - is obtained promulgate super brand

Zhou Shengsheng has the honor to win international orgnaization " super brand " promulgate give " 2002/03 of award of honor of Hong Kong super brand " , the brand obtains international affirmation.

·1973 - Zhousheng gives birth to a group to appear on the market at Hong Kong

" limited company of Zhou Shengsheng group " hold water formally, of the same age appears on the market in Hong Kong, for Hong Kong stock of industry of the first jewelry appears on the market company.
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