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Kadeya (Cartier) brand introduces
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Cartier (1847 year, paris)

Of Cartier classical countless, watch of flight of the Pasha from bar of well of bracelet of Love of catamount, screw and ring, 3 gold ring, circle, Santos arrives to send the Tank list that consider to wait by tank vehicle is, interesting is, the emerge in large numbers of a lot of inspiration is the classical design that inserts willow involuntarily, the brand that founded this 1847 has " the emperor of imperial jeweller, jeweller " say, the imperial family that love uses countless, still be the dreamy brand of a lot of people up to now, the dreamy ease that is calm affection more is tasted.

Good origin: “LOVE” bracelet
20 centuries 6, seventies, the theme of “ love and peaceful ” is alive inside bound limits wide for be widely read.
Kadeya the belief that stylist Aldo Cipullo picks up pair of love and acceptance to make people heavy,
In Kadeya 1969 design of new York atelier gives love of OK and mutual expression and duteous “LOVE” bracelet.
Its be born to be seventies love always the mark of annals.
This bracelet that contains design of ” of distinctive “ screw can use tailor-made screwdriver ability to open by sweethearts only,
Mean the eternity of love.
Its design concept gives priority to a problem with love, handle bracelet fastens Yu Ailv's wrist to go up, use screwdriver to will love to chain, without screwdriver,
Bracelet general cannot be opened; Adorning this decorations, be together as fastening two hearts forever.
Its are the biggest characteristic is to need by sweethearts two people cooperate to just can adorn in tandem, figure ground explains the each other letter that gives love and faithfulness.
As a result of the “LOVE” bracelet original explanation to love,
Once it comes out to become sweethearts immediately people the love of place praise highly is indicative,
Of married couple of more numerous star dote on, peaceful of Yi Lisha white · is strapped and manage for example Cha De · Burton,
· Luo Lan mixes Suofeiya emperor of card collect · Pang, favour of Kui of service of check of wheat of the · in A and wheat of Shi Difu · stalking or branch,
Nancy · Xin Na is bent and Frank · laborious is bent then and beautiful of Dai An · can be mixed Gary · Ge Lang is special.

Kadeya's story is come from 1847. Louis · nots bright all alone covers with tiles · blocks the ground inferior (Louis Francois Cartier) dish the jewelry store that left a master to be in Paris, established Kadeya formally jewelry store, the Paris at that time, when contend for through kingship queasy hind, restored a flower again in former days buckish atmosphere, promoted the prosperity of Parisian jewelry industry greatly. Kadeya got the cousin Mathilde princess with Napoleon young sansei fortunately recommend, business grows ceaselessly. 1902, kadeya's shop had opened London and new York from Paris, new York makes Kadeya's regnal headquarters gradually. According to legend of father and son only two generation, kadeya already became the king ” of world “ headgear.
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