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Relatively what does caducous diamond design have?
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In gem headgear with ring wear use for most, and be wear in trends, in tasting, so diamond caducous is acted the role of also basically is ring. According to us all the year round the discovery after observation is summed up, the reason that diamond falls off does not have outside at 2 o'clock: Enchase not prison and design flaw. Somebody may say, falling off basically is charge for the making of sth. undesirable, have nothing to do with with design. But in fact, the diamond of partial pattern falls off really easily. The pattern that if have the kiss ” of some of entitle “ angel, “ ,two claw set, and with bury set methodological inlaid diamond to Buddhist monastic discipline. These getting because modelling is novel,act the role of, line is fluent, and the adoption optics that enchases a method to be able to show diamond is peculiar adequately is characteristic, stress diamond aesthetic feeling, at present very suffer chase after hold in both hands. But these plunge drop special to the requirement of craft tall. Of Chinese manufacturer follow ability is unapproachable, some kind of design is good annul produce in succession, do not worry to whether the level has held. A lot of manufacturer cannot achieve a requirement, complain repeatedly.

1. Both sides chamfer is set. Both sides chamfer is set alone of bead diamond enchase a method to reach the inside that set a mouth to open slot to setting a mouth the requirement is very tall. But great majority product is not to set a mouth to slant big, diamond slants small, it is inside notch too shallow or punch-drunk, did not embed cheek by jowl when enchase plus groovy edge press on coronal ministry brim, make the be identical between bracket and diamond spends difference, cause diamond Yi Song to move fall off.

2. Bury set a method to enchase. Diamond often is used to Buddhist monastic discipline bury set a method to enchase, uses diamond arrives for 0.02ct more the bradawl of 0.06ct. These getting adorn when making for as far as possible little cover diamond, great majority machines craft to dig a small hole to be simple on embryo of Buddhist monastic discipline, diamond is smooth put Yu Kongzhong, reoccupy wrings a head to answer the metal all round diamond material to squash diamond, the area that diamond coronal coverture covers does not exceed 10% commonly, a material that pins diamond often book narrow, see metallic mark hard almost, look it seems that very beautiful, but inlaid is firm action alls gone however, diamond can say to be touched drop.

3. Two claw are enchased. Ring passes development of thousands of years, design is in beg new respect to give machine express very hard oneself really. Some design are pure to beg new, often sacrificed the demand of other respect. The congenital inadequacy that exists on the design accordingly also is the important cause that causes diamond to fall off. Be like series of ” of moon of so called “ , diamond relies on two claw to enchase merely, foot of Buddhist monastic discipline appears feeble again, although increased band of a circlet to live,diamond wells balanced ministry, but rely on two claw only as a result of dot getting power, using actually in wearing once be created ring very easily by brunt,be out of shape, bring about diamond to fall off thereby.
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