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How to invest diamond (graph)
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" diamond is not the commodity like gold, silver " , new York of a heavyweight trade business explains to me one day, " you buy a diamond impossibly to jeweller, answer ─ ─ with same price carry out next he won't forgo profit. But diamond is the method with mobile the simplest asset absolutely, I know a person, he receives an announcement to must leave immediately when Iran carries out revolution, he does not have time to sell a house or reach a bank drawing, however time clears away a value the diamond of 30 million leaves Iran. "
" diamond is type of a kind of money " , antwerp diamond is high-ranking the ‧ of mark ‧ every of committee cling to Ha Shiduo says, " they are usable will be international leasehold endorse, Wu of countervail repay a debt, pay bribe the money, buy firearms. Below a lot of circumstances, they are used fortunately than money. " e.g. , bilk Biruiya the bethel of the person that the capital cheats Luo Weiya to wash money namely, after they change the cash property with doubtful origin into diamond here, can carry easily sell to his place. A few point out without the report that confirm, ‧ of guest of ‧ of abstruse Sa Ma pulls the lid that ascend to amount to horrible organization to also use such technique. Every ‧ cling to Ha Shiduo at the same time surging talking about him most the topic that like, the office that we are located in area of Antwerp city diamond from him at the same time takes a walk go lunch, here is the heart region of global diamond market, annual the diamond former stone of global jewelry social estate, having 80% is trade on 3 beside Antwerp railway station short streets. Antwerp diamond area has branch in a lot of city: Of new York on the west of 47 streets, London breath out a garden, Telaweifulamate the high-rise of pleasant, still have Bombay opern area and the other that are located in India " diamond city, among them diamond city of India was united in wedlock contemporary science and technology and cheap labor, 800 thousand worker general a jewelry that the Yuan Shizhuo that is less than one carat wears Cheng Liang look. These mart run around the individual's contact and relation, in the healthy and strong in gossip and hearsay, and cherish secret. Millions yuan the business, lean only handclasp mixes " Ma letters " (Mazal, of Xi Bailai article wish lucky) can decide on a verdict. " too much secret, " we at the same time small jump the pace keeps away from the long coat of black of a dress, bicycle rider that wearing hat of wide flat Mao Bian, every ‧ cling to Ha Shiduo plaints at the same time: " this does not have diamond in travel consistent this thing, between big half, whether do you establish even this word not to know even. "
The story with complete ~ , request an audience in March 2002 date " national geography magazine " Chinese edition
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