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Zhao Yazhi of gem of Shanghai previous generation character: Rong blind comes
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“ does not know he wants to chase after me at the beginning, sent a hand suddenly later catenary, just know, oh so he has this idea. ” was the Zhao Yazhi that acting character gem goes to Shanghai yesterday, oneself and husband were made public when speaking of the lot with gem in those days the story that decide affection.
Zhao Yazhi and husband Huang Jinmiao 1983 show " magnolia of female Hei Xia is beautiful " when be in love. Zhao Yazhi says, because two people are a colleague, also get along well quite at ordinary times, he is right at ordinary times her a lot of take care of, she regards as all the time the friend's friendship, also do not have too care about. Until once, huang Jinmiao sent her suddenly catenary of a hand, let her understand intention of the other side eventually: “ sees that hand catenary, just know he has this idea, be profession. ”2 year after love 1985, two people marry, had taken 20 many year hand in hand, 3 sons are grown already now grow up.
Speak of this paragraph of past, zhao Yazhi returns very can detailed ground to describe the detail of hand catenary: “ is the hand catenary of a gold and silver alternate with then, stone of a lot of bradawl still was adorned above. Although not be a the value in my gem is the costliest, it is right however for me, have a when commemorate a meaning most. ”

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