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Shenzhen gem investigation group lands town of Zhengzhou country jewelry
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Shenzhen gem investigation group lands town of Zhengzhou country jewelry

Country jewelry city allows trade more be richly bejewelled
Investigation group of gem of 23 days of Shenzhen lands ——9 month country jewelry city

Shenzhen international gem is exhibited colorful ring down the curtain, market of Central Plains gem accepts favour fully, the travel of business of action of Shenzhen of country jewelry city is harvested quite abundant. On September 23, shenzhen gem investigation group lands press conference of country jewelry city to be in in city international restaurant is held ceremoniously, vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of area of deputy warden of government of district of vice-chairman of members of standing committee of National People's Congress of golden water district Mr Gu Gang, gold water Mr Li Feng, Jin Shui Mr Wang Juliang, world is crackajack vice-chairman of association of entrepreneur of China business pearls and jewels Mr Meng Xiansong, . You Jinxie, beautiful beautiful, the first batch of investigation groups that gem brand forms the vogue of a few Shenzhen such as Lai of eternity of Nuo emperor, brilliant, Ruidila, Jinjiali, Jin Fu are landed and the autograph makes an appointment with country jewelry city. Roc comfort cooperates, benefit is in bilateral, benefit reachs Central Plains, shenzhen gem brand is strong into be stationed in country jewelry city ministry gem trades on the west center, will allow trade Zhengzhou more be richly bejewelled, great degree abounds brand of Central Plains gem, grant consumer more better option. Also will enhance Zhengzhou to regard ministry of Chinese and Western as the commercial radiate function of famous trade city at the same time!
Gem of Shenzhen of country jewelry city marchs the first station of Central Plains
Country jewelry city, rank Zhengzhou to be encircled via business of money of 3 finance highway, a sector of an area of thoroughfare of commerce of CDB of new developed area of canton of guard gold water and Zhengdong, core, commercial atmosphere is grumous. Be apart from railway station of 107 nations line, 310 nations line, Zhengzhou 15 minutes car Cheng, be apart from new Zheng International Airport Cheng of 25 minutes of cars, big traffic is unapproachable; Classics of highway of road of headquarters highway agriculture, finance 3 road, cities are 3 link line, medium city highway (old 107 countries) surround its week, join internally each the city zone, join external each district city, area traffic cannot duplicate. Shenzhen gem investigation group special to the position of country jewelry city approbate, place of chief inspector of operation of gem of leaf of gold of no less than says: Through the integrated index assess of our group, we think country jewelry city is a very good platform. Good thing we take the lead in striving for certainly, so the autograph makes an appointment with country jewelry city today.
Country jewelry city, by country house property monumental work of force of 14 years of bend, aspire makes gem of ministry of Chinese and Western trade center, the brand that makes its make trade of jewel of ministry of Chinese and Western is revealed, the product is purchased, information is released, gem appraisal muti_function the capacious platform that is an organic whole and distribution centre, advocate battalion brand gold, platinic gold, 鈀 gold, set auger, Tibet of halcyon, jade, pearl, silver act the role ofing, agate, crystal, craft is tasted and the gem brand such as gem appraisal orgnaization and business, can be stationed in brand enterprise to open extent content to flow for entering allocate show center and edition house.
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