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International act the role ofing tastes a section to conclude in city this world
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By a definite date first China of 4 days (Qingdao) international act the role ofing tastes section and China (Qingdao) international act the role ofing tastes exposition to fall 2 numbers in city this world next heavy curtain. The reporter learns in interview, current adorn article there is the company that comes from 17 countries such as Korea, Japan and area on the section, and of more than 20 city such as Beijing, Shanghai purchase business to attend a meeting, after Qingdao city in relief district has become afterwards justice black, Guangzhou of China the 3rd act the role of greatly taste industrial base, as adorn article be on sale the Qingdao international handicraft of platform city, still make division of scene of travel of stage of 4A of state of Shandong head home, this acts the role of stimulative Qingdao the development that tastes an industry.
Government of people of city in relief district tells a reporter about chief, up to now, city this world is existing adorn article reach relevant industry more than 3000, gold of K of carry out of main unripe produce and sale, silver-colored, half gem and in high-grade popularity is acted the role of article, product advocate annul Korea, Japan, Euramerican wait for an international market, annual produce amounts to 100 million yuan hundreds. International act the role ofing tastes a section to went up to still hold international handicraft the ceremony uncovering a shop sign that the city becomes ” of area of scene of travel of stage of “ country 4A.

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