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Da Wenni (J. The father of Tavernier) contemporary diamond
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Da Wenni was born in Paris 1605, father is Protestantism, his from a child loves geography and travel, european major area swam when 22 years old. Came 1631 3 years short 1633 time, second Dong Hang reachs his Ceng Liu Indian and other places. He is India of record of the earliest observation what this one old diamond develops the land is European, record the alarmingly dangerous that issued him to be experienced in the place in nautical road to stimulate those who reach pirate and robber to contend for battle. 1676 he published “ to amount to article Ni Liuhang to write down ” , the look involves diamond inside its much, equipment is welcome, and early or late interpret became English He Dewen and Italian language.

Da Wenni is the crosses continent broker gem the earliest trader on the history, more important is he knew knowledge of diamond of diamond, exploitation and transmission diamond to have forerunner effect for the whole world, opened the diamond trade channel of Europe and India, accordingly, be called the father of contemporary diamond.

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