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Act vigorously of mind of week of a person of extraordinary powers of another na
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The workers of company of Shenzhen gold jewelry although be in,work overtime the ground is busying, but the mood of bosses however especially heavy. Price of raw material of the gold end last year just broke through 500 dollars / ounce closes greatly, rose again in April before New Year today to 600/ ounce. Increasingly rising gold price, not only make company cost rises, more squashed this very scanty already profit space, cause many gold companies to step forward dimension difficult. Face a challenge, zhou Defen of general manager of gem of a person of extraordinary powers of Shenzhen city another name for Guangdong Province says: A person of extraordinary powers of “ another name for Guangdong Province will as always, with credit consummate plan development. ”

It is difficult to face predicament to know and go up

The mood of act vigorously of mind of general manager week with young a person of extraordinary powers of another name for Guangdong Province had some of heavily to calculate brushstroke debt: When just running a plant 2001, the factory designs staff only price of gold of; of 3 people, 300 multitask person is 72 yuan of 1 gram, factory of 1 gram gold earns 5 horn money, sanded brilliance has gold to produce a business at that time many 50. After 5 years today, a person of extraordinary powers of another name for Guangdong Province has design personnel 30 people, 1400 multitask person, gold price already went up to 1 gram 160 multivariate. Although gold raw material rises in price 220% much, but profit still is 1 gram gold however the profit of 5 horn. Sanded now brilliance a few gold produce surplus enterprise. ”

Face the gold raw material of higher-priced, the investment of tall cost, the market environment of low profit, zhou Defen says sturdily: Although we were full of heavy difficulty and pressure. But, consumer needs elegant gold jewelry, the market needs the high-quality goods that fashionable headgear, need innovates ceaselessly, because of this no matter the journey in front how hardships, a person of extraordinary powers of another name for Guangdong Province will hammer and tongs, it is difficult to know and go up.

As we have learned, face such dilemma, gold jewelry manufacturer however not dare easily drive up machines cost, be afraid that the client is reaved by other manufacturer. Home of a few manufacturer is bent solely on profit, cudgel one's brains for is opportunistic, the appearance that makes edge ball, impure cheat appears from time to tome, the credit that gives terminal shopkeeper causes serious effect, also destroyed the administrative order of jewelry industry. Ground of “ my sincerity hopes, guide in what the government concerns branch and association fall with the help, market of farther normative gem, unified raise treatment cost, increase the capacity that jewelry company innovates independently, in order to promote the development of jewelry industry. ” Zhou Defen says so.

Self-discipline is made from oneself
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