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Wet grand base Liao Chuangbin special interview: Catfish writes hurry Piao to ca
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Maintain Chinese native land style, make the Oriental brand that has originality and independent spirit temperament. Did not achieve formerly, it is the person that follow forever.

Wet grand base impression of temperamental Liao Chuangbin

To Liao Chuangbin interview, made an appointment with twice early or late, be in Beijing, be in wet Hong Jizhu head of Shan of Guangdong of treasure company headquarters.

However, two, fail to see him.

Liao Chuangbin's time, produce a change in the last moment almost. To this, liao Chuangbin uses a lot of apologize that remedied measure to convey him. Then, abide is worn these “ remedy ” method, to him, the enterprise —— that founds to him is wet grand base interview acknowledge, had another experience with the experience.

Initiate study, negotiate credit

Country the 747 flights of boat bounty, berth is in Shan head airport. Depend on the sea and reside this thes southern part of the country little wall, rippling carefree and easy breath, let be used to the people of capital insecurity rhythm, abrupt also pine of one transfer to a lower level rises.

Wet grand base come round to receive the bun car of machine, had sat full to the brim, so that many one person can take a small stool only,clip sits in seat among. Original, in this time paragraph, of the car accept machine job, faced several flight numbers.

The road that reachs a company from the airport is not long, about two minutes, perhaps sit too cross “ close ” , adding itself to still have a share is acquaintance, everybody can'ted help chatting to rise.

Wet grand base propose study business, threw 2 million yuan 2008, the administrative layer that sells big area and business greatly to each undertakes grooming, attend the person that groom to make an appointment with 40 people, his annual charge near 50 thousand yuan. Employee people habitual ground grooms this kind call “ to confuse your MBA” , what the company invites is professor of famous business school, hold the case of experience with extremely rich academic basis and fact, attend class to everybody. Close two days every months study, become tide grand base employee most enjoyment time, because “ harvests honest too big ” . Groom choose commonly undertake on the weekend, meet this day, the whole nation each selling manager of big area, come from far and near, shan head is wet grand base headquarters, also at a draught lively and unusual.

Sit on board manager of Dalian area, Shanghai division, introduced tide such-and-suchly grand base study system, ” of “ study enterprise, become pair of wet Hong Jizhu treasure the first impression of first impressions are strongest.

In chatting, still be informed, the selling manager of these big areas, a lot of be in wet grand backbone became full 10 years, some moves toward the first job of the society even, be in wet grand base. Same, employee of 10 annuity card, here very much also see, they had not wanted to change a runway, also had not wanted to change an enterprise to work, because, “ our reliance is wet grand base, in be willing to need the company that telling credit so. ”
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