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Gem of series of 1000 sufficient hard gold exhibits 100 peaceful on times suffer
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International gem exhibited Shenzhen to be able to exhibit a center to greet the first lively day at was in on September 13 2008, 100 peaceful headgear is mixed with product of Chinese famous brand not only Chinese celebrated brand times suffer fix eyes upon, high, elegant item on display is the person that attracted numerous view to exhibit more, especially series of hard gold jewelry with its distinctive “ confess ” , let watch the person that exhibit to stop for a long time appreciation.
To let ” of “ hard gold this concept communicates the person that look around legibly, 100 peaceful headgear is exhibited uniquely in hard gold series by put balance, below the condition of 1000 pure gold of coequal purity, coequal gram is counted, size is different, volume of hard gold product can achieve the 1.5 times above of common craft; Coequal size, the gram number that hard gold needs is lighter, 1/2 weight is common craft about. The people that your view postpones this action is amazed unceasingly, consult a staff member in succession among them secret.
The hard gold series that this ginseng extends includes the world of mascot, Bao Xianghua, marine world, rurality, Longxiang, love to be in natural, powerful etc aggregate 81, bound of sky, marine, earth, world, celestial being “ represents ” amid, modelling is vivid and lifelike, distinct, or pure and fresh nature, or foolish condition but Ju, jovian person have, address and lovely person have, by no means an isolated case.
Hard gold item on display is main in order to place, condole dropping is given priority to, craft besides press light commonly, model, gush is arenaceous outside, its hard gold technology is the topic that people cares most. Actually 100 peaceful headgear is in early began to apply electrodeposit technology to marry at 囍 blessing first 2003 golden act the role ofing, production gives the first bracelet that has hard gold sense, outstanding craft shock is whole the tide that bound of gold jewelry headgear led gold jewelry craft the innovation. It is this on original foundation again significant breakthrough, each headgear all surpasses level of quality of 99.9 1000 pure gold, more the optimal hardness that gives 1000 sufficient hard gold jewelry, enhance its plasticity, extend a gender, and the exterior with more colorful appearance and the protection that trust more.
Arrangement of ideas of hard gold product is more trenchant, the structure is fuller, give bullion headgear a more perfect modelling space, bring unprecedented vision to enjoy. Had 100 peaceful “T-GOLD” technology of 1000 sufficient hard gold, act the role of article more wear-resisting caustic, trace of not easy lay off, more lightsome, fuller!

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