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Gem of big blessing of Hong Kong week appears " fashionable " Paris
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Paris is late on October 2, french Paris a classic type builds 7 divisions in, art of jewelry of fashion of China of · of lasting — Zhou Dafu exhibits the “ beauty that by Hong Kong week gold of big blessing gem goes and center of Parisian China culture holds jointly ” comes on stage ceremoniously.
As the change of lamplight, music, model people reveal necklace, dangler to wait one by one adorn article. The ” of “ Long Zhimeng that Zhou Dafu does not make especially is gotten adorn, chinese Long Hetai was blended in in the design extremely video, reflected grumous Chinese culture inside information.
Constant of annals of Zheng of trustee of Bao Jinhang limited company expresses Zhoudafuzhu, this is Zhou Dafu product appears on Paris first, the hope helps western society understand Chinese culture and Chinese manual skill through this kind of form, march for this brand then European market makes good bedding.
Hou Xianghua of director of center of Parisian China culture expresses, zhou Dafu brand enjoys very tall reputation in China and whole Asia. Center of Parisian China culture hopes to pass such revealing activity, drive the culture communication between Sino-French two countries, introduce brand culture of China to European society at the same time.
French guest is profuse in praise to Zhou Dafu product, express oneself feeling that like in succession, bold forecast: “ if such product can march European market, certain meeting is welcomed ” by a lot of clients.

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