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Shallow talk about diamond GIA certificate to send a country issue of shrink of
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We often see into period of time about GIA certificate diamond sends quality of national jewelry jade to supervise examine center (below abbreviation country check) reinspect shrink problem, now is to say each are justifiable each, I say the flow with this unbeknown wh some of which and great master presumably.

The detect technological process that these wanting that be in Asia-Pacific area from GIA first speaks of, GIA is in the United States mainland is to examine by oneself classification, GIA is in Europe not enemy the old brand such as HRD detects orgnaization, but Asia-Pacific area waits in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the new management that GIA adopts is politic. The diamond that GIA received to want to examine in Hong Kong branch cannot send the United States to go of certificate, the international of diamond carries a risk very big, GIA builds control laboratory to need many investment again in area of Hong Kong and other places, the face has an unbeknown new flow to appear here: GIA Hong Kong receives money, use Hong Kong inspection agency to undertake classificationing, go to cent progression according to sending next American headquarters, send letter to Hong Kong by the United States next, lying in the strong room that diamond is in Hong Kong all the time that is to say, it is certificate sat only bout plane.

Same, be in Taiwan, Japan to wait for Asia-Pacific country GIA is so of the operation, but native land letter leaves the United States rarely, this travel mies wife everybody knows. Market of this kind of race to control divides GIA frontal method is pretty good, need not him investment examines equipment and personnel are OK and occupational these burgeoning markets, but it is more difficult that battlefront is pulled too longly control, so we see in home a lot of get very loose GIA letter recently, actually the GIA certificate of American mainland is to leave very closely, appeared so a lot of problems.

Period of time sees a Taiwan sells the GIA that sells on diamond website jewel before, it is “ perfect ” entirely, but scrutiny data comes down, the good even “ ” with some wide true data is judged very hard, but consumptive author does not understand, because they do not know data. Have perfect ” of so much “ how possibly actually, it is “ perfect ” , “ perfect ” is not curious also. The problem of make a false report of GIA resembles going regular and same, just know to do not have person get to the bottom of. Then I consulted data, the GIA that discovers Taiwan basically is to cutting the make a false report on labour, and the GIA of Hong Kong is color on the low side arrives two class. Japanese GIA had not seen, cannot reach so what conclusion.

This appraisal standard with place is to have certain concern, the appraisal standard of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan is commercialized quite, GIA should live to want to conform with place necessarily in place, satisfy the need of local practitioner, this is above criticism, otherwise he does not live to go down in place.
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