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All sorts of diamond grade certificate of abroad and home introduce
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Before buying diamond, should consult seriously the photocopy of certificate or carbon, because this is you,ensure assure exclusively of diamond quality and value.

Diamond certificate, also can call diamond to classification certificate (Diamond Grading Report) , diamond guarantee of quality (Diamond Quality Report) , it is by gem experts pass canvass diamond, issue its park magnifier the dimension that analyses it, clean degree, cut labour, color, polish, symmetry and other character, a report that forms thereby.

Present diamond grade certificate has the following kinds roughly:

Certificate of GIA diamond grade, by American gemmology courtyard (GIA) is signed issue.

The blame profitability that American gemmology courtyard is an independence is organized, regard the gem on the world as the authority of the bound, famed with its justice. The education of the revolutionary research of this institute and its itself, experiment and equipment development process are the annals that jewelry industry grows almost.

GIA diamond classifications report and GIA diamond processing are considered as certificate of world first gem. The diamond of all sorts of appearance and size from the world each corners send an institute to undertake analytic classificationing.

GIA certificate is online inquire: HTtp://www.gia.edu/reportcheck/

Certificate of HRD diamond grade, sign by parliament of Belgian diamond high level issue. Parliament of tall estate of Bsp; Belgian diamond is the government admit to representing industry of Belgian diamond trade. Its headquarters is located at Antwerp of world diamond center.
Certificate of HRD diamond color pays close attention to the detailed feature at value of decision coloured diamond, for instance the design of the description of color, color is mixed glow. Whether is the diamond after it detects to parting natural coloured diamond or copy those who get have serious place.

Certificate of AGS diamond grade, by the United States Bao Yushi is learned to sign issue.

American gemmology society is to pass classification strictly standard, offer detailed information to leading an industry. Primary consumer is OK the number that have the aid of knows easily simply and method will understand diamond to classification.

Diamond jobber and the detailed diamond information that process business to often use AGS certificate to offer buy the diamond that measures group by group on the world.

Certificate of IGI diamond grade, by international gemmology the courtyard is signed issue.

International gem institute is located at Antwerp, it is the oldest lapidary institute on the world, the authority of its diamond certificate gets the world accepted.
IGI diamond report comes up from essence saying is a statement, world of its have the aid of's accepted system will prove the authenticity of diamond, provide reliable and proper diamond standing and level.
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