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Classification about diamond appraisal certificate
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All wool and a yard wide it is diamond is reached act the role of the first pursuit that tastes purchaser. Want to accomplish this, want to you can make accurate identification to diamond above all (before detailed sees? Chapter) ; The 2nd be the method that must learn to evaluate diamond correctly (does specific method see? Chapter) . But correct appraisal and evaluation diamond are not easy thing definitely, need to have the scientific knowledge of concerned diamond, be familiar with the appraisal of diamond and assessment technique, want to need to have rich practice experience at the same time. To average customer, this is exorbitant requirement. Act the role of to make diamond is reached those who taste buy deed can gratified flexibly, to average customer character, the basiccest requirement is to be able to understand diamond appraisal to classification certificate, because diamond appraisal classifications,certificate is diamond true and false and quality discretion is important assure.

Because diamond is one of the costliest gem, also be international gem market at the same time have the gem with highest rate. For normative market, the jewel that sells on the international market at present the 25 person that divide above ask to offer brief diamond appraisal to classification commonly certificate, to 1 carat above person, ask to offer detailed appraisal to classification certificate. Accordingly, diamond is bought to reach in jeweller's adorn article, should ask for diamond appraisal to classification to operator above all certificate. If agency can provide letter, buy behavior to be able to undertake downward, conversely, buy the action to had better hereto.

Diamond appraisal can be offerred to classification in agency below the premise of certificate, purchaser still cannot be engaged in blindly. If think to diamond appraisal classifications certificate, what buy diamond to assure all wool and a yard wide, that is off base, classification because of appraisal of the diamond on the market certificate cheat, or it is make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth happens with cheating the thing of purchaser to often also have, accordingly, purchaser still should classification to diamond appraisal certificate makes traverse. Main content has:

1, the unit that gives letter and personnel

The appraisal of diamond and classificationing is one extremely technical strong job, must pass from personnel of course of study groom technically, must have at the same time of all kinds and advanced detect equipment, have good environment. At present home can have the unit of these conditions to have roughly:

(1) concerned institution of higher learing: If the Beijing University, university that be the same as aid, Huadongli is versed in geological university of university, China, Nanjing university, Chongqing university.

(2) supervisory branch of national quality technology and the unit of a few scientific research that are engaged in Bao Yushi considering: Detect like quality of Beijing country jewelry center, quality of gem of Shanghai technology supervisory bureau detects the center.
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