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Credit of the businessman when choosing diamond foreign card or domestic certifi
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Some of businessman is acclaimed wantonly for stunt with ” of “ foreign certificate recently, it is better to say to buy foreign certificate of good ” of certificate of check of diamond “ country, “ ”…… is publicized so, let consumer be felt a bit do not wear brains. After all what kind of certificate contains Troy tall?

Since 2007 second half of the year, place of qualitative check of city of Shandong province Yantai accepts consumer to entrust examining diamond to act the role of article increase ceaselessly, occurrence problem basically is diamond act the role ofing is tasted nominal grade and not agree with actually, this has among them quite certificate of ” of “ concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals. This year in January, ms. Li takes ring of a diamond in some website, the businessman says diamond spends completely for: VVS class; Color: F class, the diamond that issued orgnaization of some abroad appraisal classifications certificate. And after classics appraisal, the result that reach is “ spends completely however: VS; Color: F-G class ” .

According to introducing, at present abroad detects appraisal orgnaization the good and bad are intermingled, a few illegal businessmen use consumer the psychology of certificate of abroad of blind praise highly, the choice does not have appraisal aptitude or detect the appraisal orgnaization with not tall level issue letter. Additional, abroad detects calibration certificate checks true bogus hard, and full piece all be English, in level of consumer foreign language not tall circumstance falls, very accident appears in the process that translating easily, affect the conclusion of certificate, let consumer produce trustful crisis to jewelry industry thereby. For this, the expert warns jewelry relevant enterprise, careful detect with foreign headgear gem calibration certificate, in order to protect consumer rights and interests, purify gem market further.

Consumption reminds: The message that certificate of diamond of sham international authority concerns on the market is ceaseless, when consumer shops through the network especially in choice businessman, must not make a decision by price discretion only. Of the businessman famous spend and credit is spent often appear more important, to diamond gem is being bought on the net especially such. It is cheap that the price on the net has compared traditional store many, because this compares the price blindly also paltrily. Face a start the website that leaves to perhaps will close tomorrow website of nearly 10 years and those today, which can you choose?

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