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Hebei Diamond Cup Top Ten News of 2010 top ten news person named Kai curtain
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"Focus on the most compelling news events, find the most influential newsmakers" --- November 30, by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Daily Press Group, organized Hebei Tobacco Industries in association with the "Diamond Cup "2010 Top Ten News of Hebei, top ten news person selected activities curtain officially launched. Comprehensive results of the previous phase of public audition elected, formally announced the top ten jury candidates News 20 News, Ten News Person of the Year 20, Hebei "Eleventh Five-Year" candidate for the top ten achievements of 15 entries, and through major news media and the provincial municipalities and districts the party newspaper, Evening synchronous release. With immediate effect the public can log Hebei News Network (www.hebnews.cn) involved in Internet voting. "Double Ten" Award is the only province province comprehensive annual authoritative news and headlines selection activities. Hebei Province in 2010 the "Double Ten" selection committee has been established, Provincial Committee, vice governor Zhao Yong, Provincial Committee, Publicity Department as Jury President Chen Nie honorary director. Another 26 provincial public authorities, experts and scholars as judges. National moral models Lin Xiuzhen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hebei Normal University as a PhD supervisor Sun cause special judges. General Secretary's visit to the New Year Three Rivers Farm, Hebei "three rural" add new impetus to the development; province, "two" hot building that never sleeps, to the power of "night economy" and promote a more prosperous city; "Tangshan Earthquake," and other excellent TV drama aggressively heat broadcasting, cultural industries in our province, "Nuggets" trip speed ... ... Looking back 2010, the road of scientific development in the courage of Hebei, interpreted with wisdom and passion for a wonderful paragraph chapter. Yongdoudaitu the "blood warrior" learning towards the peak, determined the cultural system of Zhao Deping, wonderful to the world of Hebei, Hebei, Shanghai World Expo Museum staff ... ... Looking back at 2010, fought hard in all walks of life the children of Hebei, which actions of people with the truth a warm memory of this year? To address the financial crisis, "a comprehensive physical examination", the province overall strength to a new level; under three years gave birth to a new urban landscape, urban strategy stimulate growth dynamics; the "double thirty" to bring energy savings of poverty, "Eleventh Five" goal timely completion of the task ... ... the past five years, our province is the most difficulties, and five years of brilliant achievements, which ones best represent your idea of success is not extraordinary, "Eleventh Five-Year"? December 1 to December 20, the public can Hebei News Network "Double Ten" special understanding of the candidate selection of news, figures and detailed description of achievements and participation in Internet voting. The final selection results will be held in late January 2011 the "Double Ten" Award Presentation Ceremony on the TV show announced. Vote of the users will have access to participate in awards, including first prize of 1,000 yuan available to mobile phone calls. Award-winning mobile phone number in the selection results were announced in Hebei Daily, Hebei news online.
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